Project Description

Sector Data Repository Build

Provincial Sector Organization


PoD worked with a Provincial sector organization with the objective of developing a data repository as part of a shared service model.


What We Did

Operational Strategy

Worked with corporate senior leadership and sector stakeholders to define need and understand use of data to drive sector results. Researched best practices on how to leverage sector data in order to develop a strategy to inform the team.

Operational Management

Provided interim support by (1) Installing an operational resource to develop strategy (2) Coaching on Implementation.

Project Management

Provided oversight and management to key strategic projects to develop sector data repository.

Business Process Management/Quality Management

Conducted detailed business analysis and improved organizational processes.

Organizational Culture

Conducted culture workshop to ensure strategic alignment.


  • Data repository used by sector to inform strategies and results for work completed which align with government compliance

  • Organizational adoption of best practices for process, project, and performance management

  • Request for POD to develop an overall organizational strategy