Project Description

Enterprise Application Implementation

National Education Program


PoD was contracted to work with a national not for profit education organization to implement a system application as part of their national program rollout.


What We Did

Operational Strategy

Phase 1 – Assessed current application through business canvases, business processes analysis and workshops. Made recommendation for implementation which was accepted.

IT Enablement

Phase 2 – Led cross national requirements gathering sessions to inform application redesign and configuration. Managed implementation.

Project Management

Employed best practices to implement solution at 6 national programs.


Trained users on planning and execution of user acceptance testing.


  • Implementation of redesigned solution to improve the efficacy and efficiency of program operation at 8 pilot sites.

  • Organizational adoption of best practices for process, project, and performance management

  • Redesign saved the cost of purchasing and deploying a new system (previously under consideration).

  • Redesigned application is permanent and has been rolled out nationally to more programs