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Future of Work: Choosing a Digital Collaboration Application

March 4, 2022|

We've all either read or seen articles discussing the future of work. Webinars, trainings, guides, and more are popping up with the same message. The future is hybrid, digital, and collaborative. Working in this manner means being able to work asynchronously as well as synchronously, manage 'zoom fatigue' and burnout, and facilitate remote and hybrid work with individuals of all ranges of digital comfort, hierarchy, time zones, thinking styles and more. Naturally, digital collaboration applications are being leveraged to 'mind [...]

Connect The Dots…For Your Customer

February 21, 2022|

During a recent trip to the Caribbean, the flight attendant distributed the country’s requisite entry forms shortly before landing. This struck me as odd as I had read on the website that visitors are required to enter all relevant travel information into the newly created app prior to arrival.  This seemed like a duplication of effort, so I asked if I still needed to complete the form and was told by the flight attendant that they were unaware of the [...]

Does Efficiency Lead To Effectiveness In Your Organization?

May 15, 2019|

A few days ago, I was in a fast food restaurant waiting for that oh so delicious (and nutritious) meal.  When the lady ahead of me received her meal, in a very timely fashion I might add, it was not what she wanted.  In my neighbourhood, this food establishment is not well known for working quickly, but something must have changed because there was a definite improvement…sort of. On that day, I can say that whatever efforts taken with the [...]

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