data and performance management

Data & Performance Management

We define performance metrics for the operations system and identify data necessary to tell the complete story of how it enables the organisation.

Data provides answers to questions.

  • This is where we start in developing the most effective evaluation framework that will inform how data is used to assess an organization’s operational performance.
  • PoD consultants leverage their process knowledge to develop questions which align with performance, determine how it will be measured and what data needs to be collected.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve operational excellence.

operations strategy

Operations Strategy
Meet objectives by aligning business strategy with resource utilisation
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operations management

Operations Management
Provide interim operational support with a view to sustainability
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Project Management
Ensure project completion on time and within budget
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organizational culture

Organizational Culture
Drive alignment between organizational culture and business objectives
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Information Technology enablement

IT Enablement
Develop IT solution to truly deliver value
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operations strategy data and performance

Data & Performance Management
Define performance metrics and associated data
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business process improvement

Business Process Improvement
Improve business processes to maximise efficiency
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Case Studies

Here are some examples of the operational excellence we bring to each of our client engagements.