Nicholas Ramsubick

Business Analyst

Nicholas Ramsubick is a business analyst whose work is focused on applying design thinking and process improvement principles to facilitate collaborative problem-solving environments with clients.  He has been recognized by clients as demonstrating a unique ability to capture their systems in creative illustrations.

Nicholas completed his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University and Lund University, receiving a BASc in Chemical Engineering, with a speciality in Biochemical Engineering. Considered an adaptable engineer, he marries a process-oriented mind and honed skills in data analysis to help clients solve holistic problems. Nicholas is deeply passionate about creating exceptional user experiences and is currently expanding his skillset by learning Figma to design intuitive and visually appealing UX/UI interfaces for projects. He places an emphasis on nurturing his right brain and left brain to creatively communicate qualitative and quantitative findings to clients.

Nicholas has a lifelong passion for community service especially in the Black and queer communities. He previously served as the head of communications for Find Your Path, a student run organization working to increase the matriculation rate of Black youth in the GTA. His passion for giving back has instilled values of empathy and compassion and he leads with these values when working with clients.

We employ a 4 step process to help you achieve operational excellence.

Operations Strategy
Meet objectives by aligning business strategy with resource utilisation
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Operations Management
Provide interim operational support with a view to sustainability
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Project Management
Ensure project completion on time and within budget
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Organizational Culture
Drive alignment between organizational culture and business objectives
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IT Enablement
Develop IT solution to truly deliver value
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Data & Performance Management
Define performance metrics and associated data
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Business Process Improvement
Improve business processes to maximise efficiency
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