Natasha Leung

Business Analyst

Natasha Leung is a business analyst whose work is focused on broad-minded collaboration and application of design thinking principles via a continual improvement lens with people and process at its core.

Natasha completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University and the University of Edinburgh, receiving a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology. Natasha draws upon her background in human psychology, data analysis, and design thinking throughout her work in investigating root problems and discovering opportunities for solutions. Her past involvement with Queen’s Engineers Without Borders’ Food Systems portfolio was key in funneling her passion for equity, systems thinking, and pushing the status quo. Additionally, as a former visual arts student, Natasha enjoys employing her creative and technical visual skills in designing and communicating her work.

Natasha has previously worked in the child welfare sector where she was commended for her flexibility to deliver on a range of projects and collaborations, from communications and logistics to data analysis and process design.

We employ a 4 step process to help you achieve operational excellence.

Operations Strategy
Meet objectives by aligning business strategy with resource utilisation
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Operations Management
Provide interim operational support with a view to sustainability
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Project Management
Ensure project completion on time and within budget
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Organizational Culture
Drive alignment between organizational culture and business objectives
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IT Enablement
Develop IT solution to truly deliver value
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Data & Performance Management
Define performance metrics and associated data
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Business Process Improvement
Improve business processes to maximise efficiency
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