Anna Heide

Client Engagement Lead

With over 20 years of experience in administration across diverse sectors – business, finance, and provincial healthcare – Anna has cultivated robust organizational, problem-solving, and relationship building skills. This multifaceted background has provided her with a versatile range of capabilities which allow her to easily lend herself to and provide value for teams across various functions and industries. These diverse experiences have fostered an agility to pivot between roles while leveraging her core strengths of interpersonal intelligence, and a forward thinking, solutions-oriented mindset.

An avid lifelong learner, for both professional and personal growth, Anna is constantly seeking courses and training opportunities to expand her skills. This thirst for knowledge permeates all her endeavors, including her recent decision to embark on an entirely new career path in sales. Anna is finding her ability to adapt swiftly, her experience fostering productive stakeholder relationships, and her desire for continuous self-improvement to be pivotal assets as she immerses herself in sales processes and business development initiatives.

In her personal life, Anna is a gardener and tends to look at the world through the lens of a gardener. She finds joy in nurturing not just plants, but also ideas and relationships, often drawing parallels between gardening and everyday life, using the patience, care, and strategic thinking required in gardening to approach challenges in both her personal and professional life.

We employ a 4 step process to help you achieve operational excellence.

Operations Strategy
Meet objectives by aligning business strategy with resource utilisation
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Operations Management
Provide interim operational support with a view to sustainability
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Project Management
Ensure project completion on time and within budget
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Organizational Culture
Drive alignment between organizational culture and business objectives
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IT Enablement
Develop IT solution to truly deliver value
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Data & Performance Management
Define performance metrics and associated data
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Business Process Improvement
Improve business processes to maximise efficiency
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